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Proper Term

Is it soulfully bareable to hold distinct hate
Towards another that relates
All faults directly to your name?
I’ve prepared a full blame
But I won’t direct it
Because I have learned my flaws
So, I know no one is perfected
Interesting enough
Life comes in catalogs
You flip the pages
Wishing attitudes and behaviors could be bought
Habitual thinking
Leads to eventually bleeding
Habitual strain
Breathing defeat
Ends up defeating your meaning
What’s in your inner self
Are you selfish enough
To constantly reflect
Or so insecure you focus on
Others defects
Defecate my self image
You’ve got to be shitting me
Either way
You hemorrhage morals
Harrasses the mind
Complexity forms a restraint
Ethics persuade feelings
Humans invented complaints
For the people, by the people
Declaring such pitiful views
But since I have to complain
Guess Im just pitiful too
Intrinsic demands

Of us, of our

Developing minds
The world is pronouncing


Sweet December

Sweet December

Please deliver yourself unto me

You left without no sympathy or remorse

But of course, you have to come back 1 day

So lovely, so pleasant, rain, sleet or snow

I love you whether or not you’re cold

The bright white color appeal more to me

Feel like for 31 days I’ve seen the light

But when you’re gone, I feel invisible like I’ve turned into ice

I know that when you return you’ll be changed, but nothing ever stays the same

On the edge of losing my sanity, but nothing can ever truly be lost

Only the days we lived and the time we didn’t

I only think of you when I think of frost clinging to the edges of brown leaves


Because that’s what I feel like surrounds me

I don’t want to clear my mind of the thought of you

I want to be surly towards the summer nights in June

By then you’ll be so far gone

I’ll run to you if at all possible

No matter how far the run

Won’t you come back to me?

I’ve relived 31 days in my psyche

You lived 31 ways without the sight of me

Decide for me why u chose to be so cold

Then I’ll accept that you can’t stay you have to come and go

A vast love that’s what I have for you

It’s not fair that the residue of snow stays, making your presence linger

I don’t feel the pain until spring comes and my body endures a million bee stingers

Mistletoe love, camel toe hugs

Explicit images play like I’m trying to analyze this film

December 31st is the exit of my soul

January 1st Feels like I entered a new life


Quote of the Day – October 17 2012

Waking Spirals

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

Any day I feel I am following a routine and perhaps one that I don’t particularly enjoy, cleaning out the cat’s letterbox, bringing a forgotten book or computer to school, dishes etc.. I try to remember this one. If I find some way to grow and expand every day than this is not something I’ve done before. For this ‘I’ has just been born and nothing is routine. Like many forms of wisdom, knowing this beyond the intellect and feeling it in my heart, living the truth are two different things. Work in progress here… and when I’m done and i have nothing left to learn it will be onto the next adventure.
Blessings, G

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Angelic Magician by G A Rosenberg


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HowL – Lone Star

This is just one of my projects, took me less then 10 mins. to write,and less than 10 mins to create. Hope you enjoy. Btw I am not a rapper, I am a poet, but I do rap/freestyle for fun.

Moment Of Clarity

It seems as if I am in control

But yet I can’t leave you alone

You’re a part of my soul

Tongue tied in your collar of love

You must have come from above

Because I have always dreamt of wanting to kiss the goddess Athena

If you lie to me still I’ll believe ya

Only because I’m lost without ya

Trapped in a crowd of resentment

Trying to find my way

You were the only one that offered contentment

Resign your heart

Give it to me

Don’t you see?

When my mind speaks it offers enough clarity

So you know I allow you to see right through me

I can’t see past what you need

But will carry you

Until my feet bleed

If that’s what you need

Somebody to save you

Then I treat you like you’ve got chicken soup in your soul

I crave you; it is me you must feed

Every night until I receive you, I will maintain blasphemies

But I know that I have no worries

Like you’re second

You will always look after me

Lost by my own hand

Very beautiful piece! I loved it.


I was asked to write a piece centered around an object from my past that I had lost and that now held some significance to me. Unlike a lot of people who cherish an old teddy bear forgotten in the dusty recesses of the garage or a specific mobile phone that lost them contact with the wider world for a whole WEEK (or something equally traumatic), I couldn’t think of a single thing that I had accidentally lost.

But this made me ask the question: Why does something ‘lost’ mean something that you misplaced and, by mere coincidence, cannot find again? Can’t you lose something on purpose? Have YOU ever ‘lost’ something in order to bury or hide a part of you that you can no longer face?

This led me to write the following short creative non-fiction piece, exploring the realms of objects that are lost for a reason…

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Very beautiful music!


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