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Get Rid Of Mind Garbage

i made a decision

The Essence of Caring

Waking Spirals

“The best storytellers are irredeemably mad, driven by a desire to express something that will actually make the world give a damn. As if the world cared! Such perversity lies beyond the understanding of most of us – of those not so enamoured with the creation of stories that there can be no thought of doing anything else.”

– Billy Marshall Stoneking


In a world where the key word so often seems to be apathy, what do you care about? Do you care about tragedies that touch your life peripherally? Does it  matter more that three people died in the city where you live or that 20 children were killed with money from your government? Do you care about how a particular tragedy went down or do you care about what in society is causing these tragedies in the first place? What is the story that is taking place?…

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Don’t Hide Out Inside Yourself

Well put!

Godly Traits

Good interpretation

Proper Term

Is it soulfully bareable to hold distinct hate
Towards another that relates
All faults directly to your name?
I’ve prepared a full blame
But I won’t direct it
Because I have learned my flaws
So, I know no one is perfected
Interesting enough
Life comes in catalogs
You flip the pages
Wishing attitudes and behaviors could be bought
Habitual thinking
Leads to eventually bleeding
Habitual strain
Breathing defeat
Ends up defeating your meaning
What’s in your inner self
Are you selfish enough
To constantly reflect
Or so insecure you focus on
Others defects
Defecate my self image
You’ve got to be shitting me
Either way
You hemorrhage morals
Harrasses the mind
Complexity forms a restraint
Ethics persuade feelings
Humans invented complaints
For the people, by the people
Declaring such pitiful views
But since I have to complain
Guess Im just pitiful too
Intrinsic demands

Of us, of our

Developing minds
The world is pronouncing