Open to all poets, rappers, artists, singers, any one who wants to just express themselves in an artistic way, this will be your escape when you feel you don't have one. This is paradise.

You and I

I love you

What is this feeling?

Slowly feeling like I could do anything

Jump off a building, land feet first

Into your soul I’ve dived head first

4 page letters

If love could do better

I‘d say you are the best

Heaven knows they have one regret

Gamble for you heart

I place a bet against all bets

Remember when I decided

We couldn’t be divided

I would treat you like you were my highness

I’ve come to the assumption

I’ve came to my highest


I belong in your nest

The love I seek

I’ve found in you

Thank God for my bird’s eye view


You’ve made me so delectable

Conceptual and genius at the matters of the heart

Prepare to embark on this satisfying life ahead of us

You’ve made your mark

And there is no way I will desire any other’s love nor lust

I love you, is now a must


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