Open to all poets, rappers, artists, singers, any one who wants to just express themselves in an artistic way, this will be your escape when you feel you don't have one. This is paradise.

Who Is Irrelevant?


I strive towards it

Spread love like butter

That toast

Wish I had more of it

Trying not to make mistakes

Draw pictures in my mind 

Without flaws

Calling all hearts

So many missed calls

I speak repetitively

That’s just the only way they can see

That I’m human

As long as you do you

Just keep doing what you’re doing

Unless it’s the wrong


Stressing, how tired it gets saying do the right thing

Gets exhausting

People will only change if they’re willing

I live life with no ceilings

This means I have an open mind

If you don’t agree to that

Then you don’t have to follow behind

Because I’m leading to the future

Surround myself with angels

Never irrelevant evil doers


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