Open to all poets, rappers, artists, singers, any one who wants to just express themselves in an artistic way, this will be your escape when you feel you don't have one. This is paradise.


Since everybody wants to be a poet, thought I’d try this rhymin thing out

Never had anybody that could see right through me, like flyin through a cloud

But whatever u do..I need you & all of that to be apart of me

I will never make u cry..because I hate it when u ball, but she loves to see you playing for varsity

You’re my bitch..excuse my french, pardon me

I love it when you call me “that” this is what I’ll call her (similar to weezy)


Even though they can’t see your wings

You’re still so fly…like the zipper on a pair of jeans

Cold like negative degrees

Faded me a few times, but had I gave up I wouldn’t be in this “Dilema”

Tell your girl to watch the kidd (watch me) like a baby sitter

I told you I could show her how it’s done

And 1 day I’ll get her

True shit

You claim she’s your wife, but you don’t act like the Mr.

So I’ll take her from you so you no longer have to Miss her

And she’s no longer the Mrs.

While you’re on your bullshyt Im steady sending her kisses

Yes I paint pictures in her brain

That send chills down her spine

My words are the wet paint

When she drips, I guess you can say I’m running through her mind

I’m too much and she likes that

With this 1 it’s not just about the sex

So while your lady is sleeping on me I got something for the naps..(no combs)

She’s bad enough to get a RING…I have to tell-ha- no fone (Call her up)

That she’s special, like she came with a handicap

I’ll definately put my head where the front of her panties sits at

So just give me your hands, like your about to clap

And I’ll hold them tight, pull you close, kiss your lips and have you

BTW (By The Way) I wrote this just to make you smile because you know I love it when you do that

(For that special someone)


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