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New Themes: Gigawatt and Pinboard

These seem like very helpful and creative themes, I like both of them.

The Blog

Happy Thursday! I’m pleased to announce the two newest additions to our ever-growing Theme Showcase.


First off, it’s grungy meets vintage with Gigawatt — a clean and bold premium theme from Obox Themes.

Designed especially for filmmakers, editors, creatives, and professionals working in motion picture-related industries, Gigawatt displays your big screen talents in the best way possible on the small screen. Among its features include dark and light color schemes, a showcase page template that contains a large featured slider to place your latest video posts front and center, and up to four widget areas — one in the right sidebar and three in the footer.

Learn more about how you can get your own show going on your blog by visiting Gigawatt on the Theme Showcase.

Next up is Pinboard, a crafty, textured premium theme designed by Themify that allows you to create your own virtual…

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