Open to all poets, rappers, artists, singers, any one who wants to just express themselves in an artistic way, this will be your escape when you feel you don't have one. This is paradise.

Conscious Decisions

You appear slightly incompetent

A little less than ignorant

See it’s all about gain

But instead of cleaning your hands in this and accepting your innocence, you think you’d be happy in the rain

Raining, it’s pouring, he’s creeping while you’re snoring

You wake up alarmed because you think he might be with the coroner

But he’s lusting for some other man’s daughter

What does it take to see that this thing u tried to build, he has sabotaged

You act like the pain is completely camouflage

Your love, in the beginning, heated up, became pasteurized

But love is blind, your mind can’t see past your eyes

You showed up late and now it past your time

Little do you know, he’s no Trey Songs, this won’t be the last time

He’s slowing down your future; put him in your past telling fast lies

His falsehoods are your fairytales

Little girl who are you?

You don’t seem to comprehend very well

Drowning in sorrow

Every night you suffocate from the thought that he won’t be there tomorrow.

But u don’t even need him, but u always feed him

He bites that hand and swallows the heart that sits right above it

There’s no pity for a fool, for that fool knows no wrong

But hopefully you’ll wake up one of these mornings with the epiphany of what has been



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