Open to all poets, rappers, artists, singers, any one who wants to just express themselves in an artistic way, this will be your escape when you feel you don't have one. This is paradise.

Blank Stares

Blank stares

As I try to collect my words

It’s snowing

I hesitate to let a single syllable escape

I had a slight inclination to give no response

It felt so real, you; so amiable

So was I just too obsolete?

Fourth quarter with 30 seconds

No time outs, down by 10 Should I accept defeat?

I try to focus on my disposition, but I’m in disbelief

This decision has been running through your mind?

You are a walking contradiction

But I guess your lies were talking optimism

From just then until the end of my time, I’ve become a pessimist

Reasons why you can’t are very legitimate

But my knowledge of how you’ve felt this entire time shows that I have been very illiterate

We fell in love in December

You had the gift of gab

My heart I placed underneath the tree perfectly gift wrapped

You don’t want to inflict pain

At that very moment I felt disdain

Lost, troubled

Lovers Lane was a dead end

Skies grey, air dry, filled with red wind

I glance over upon the last sentence…Suppose my chest had caved in, for it had no heart in it

Pain so infinite

I guess you began to love me, but every start has a finish

Boundaries were crossed; of course every love has a limit

And pain is never cheap; you’ve been advertising from the beginning

I was ignorant to that fact that your feelings were the gimmick

I don’t need your assistance

If your word was no good to me

My trust has been betrayed followed by loyalty

I want to crawl under a dark place

Climb down to a space

filled with feelings of melancholy

U have controlled my psyche with great sovereignty for approximately too long

Just like those 31 days can’t stay, I have to move on

You have imprinted an everlasting cut; I have to say is the deepest

What goes up must come down, this is surely the steepest

Situation slowly reaching its climax

And on second thought to react and respond would decide your still in love with me

But I have decided that

I won’t give you the satisfaction of knowing what you let go of, you can 1 day get back

Because 1 day you’ll be in my shoes

So I place my heart back on my sleeve, and that day sure to come will place your heart in the trash


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